Hyperplasia of Breast TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for hyperplasia of breast

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1) Massaging Ear
Process: Stand and regulate the breath; massage the ear from the pinna of ear to the earlap with the thumb pulps and pull downwards the earlap; repeat it for 6 times; traditional Chinese medicine holds that the acupoints on the ear dominate the function of kidney and massage them can dredge the meridians and qi-blood and regulate the function of Zangfu; besides, it can promote the development of breast, refresh the nerve, nourish the ear, strengthen memory and relieve fatigue.  Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Mastitis.

2) Massage the acupoint of Fengchi (GB 20)
Process: Stand or sit straight and regulate the breath; press the acoustic duct tightly with the palms; fold the forefingers on the middle fingers and face them to the acupoint of Fengchi (GB 20); and then flick the forefingers with certain strength which can make people feel the sound; the left and right ears to be taken for 12 times respectively. Fengchi (GB 20) is on the nape, below the occipital bone, on the level of earlap, in the depression between the upper ends of the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles. It is gathering point of the hand and feet shaoyang and yangwei and press it can regulate the qi of liver and gallbladder; besides, it can prevent the hyperplasia of breast and calm the nerve.

3) People can take waking, Taiji and other exercises to divert the attention and regulate the mood when they are in low spirits.

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