Hyperplasia of Breast TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for hyperplasia of breast

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1) Take 50g of soybean, 100g of pork ribs and 2 dried oysters to cook for the soup.

2) Take 15g of donkey-hide gelatin, 100g of hen and 6 red dates to stew for eating.

3) Take 15g of starfish, 2 figs and 100g of lean meat to cook for the soup.

4) Take 10g of jasmine flower and rose respectively to infuse for the tea.

5) Take 250g of crucian, 3 Chinese water chestnuts and one radish to cook for the soup.

6) Take 15g of placenta hominis, 250g of hen, 6 red dates and 15g of Longan to cook for the soup.
7) Gruel of Laver and Crab
Ingredients: Laver 30g, crabs 70g, rice 70g and sliced ginger 10g.
Take the gruel for the breakfast and take it once every another day; 30 doses to be taken continuously.

8) Kelp and Conch Soup
Ingredients: Couch 70g (it also can be replaced by the edible whelk; the couch is mostly produced in the Hainan province of China and which can be brought in the seafood store), kelp 50g (rinse and cut into chunks), lean meat 70g.
Cook all the ingredients for the soup. 10 peppers and 5 sliced gingers can be added for the severe cold days in winter.

9) Kelp, Green Bean and the Seed of Job’s tears Soup
This recipe is suitable to be in hot summer; for the women those work under the high temperature, it can not only prevent the heatstroke but also nourish the breast.
Process: Take 70g of clean kelp, 65g of the raw seed of Job’s tears, 70g of green bean and 70g of the crystal sugar to cook in water for the drink (or preserve it in the refrigerator for the cold drink when it is cool down). Take one dose a day for the whole summer.  Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Mastitis.

10) Sea Cucumber and Black-bone Chicken Soup
This prescription is applicable to the women with weak constitution and helpful to nourish the qi-blood; it is not only good for the protection of breast but also for the prevention of the gynaecology tumour.
Process: Take 96g of soaked sea cucumber, half a black-bone chicken, 35g of Longan, 2 sliced gingers, 5 dried mushrooms and moderate salt to cook for the soup; to be taken in twice a day with the warm water.

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