Hyperplasia of Breast TCM Therapy

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What are the symptoms of hyperplasia of breast

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1) Liver-Depression and Qi-Stagnation Syndrome
Main Symptoms: Distending pain in the breasts, aggravated before menstruation and relieved automatically after menstruation, fiat or unobvious and soft mass in the breast, decreased or enlarged with joy and anger, accompanied by stuffy chest, impatience and susceptibility to rage, slightly red tongue, thin and whitish coating, thready and wiry pulse.
2) Oi-Stagnation and Phlegm Accumulation Syndrome
Main Symptoms :Tough mass in the breast, in motion by push, mild pain, but aggravated before menstruation, accompanied by stuffy chest and full sensation in the epigastric region, poor appetite, sticky sensation in the mouth, pale tongue, whitish and greasy coating, wiry and slippery pulse. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Mastitis.

3) Syndrome of Yin Deficiency of the Liver and Kidney
Main Symptoms: Breast masses in different size, tough nature, insidious pain, slight suffusion in the nipple sometimes, accompanied by soreness and weakness in the lower back and knee, dizziness, blurred vision, tinnitus, night sweating, poor sleep, reddened tongue, scanty or no coating, thready and rapid pulse.
4) Syndrome of Yang Deficiency of the Spleen and Kidney
Main Symptoms:Tough and hard breast mass in larger size with unobvious pain or insidious pain, accompanied by aversion to cold and cold limbs, lustreless complexion, poor appetite, dysmenorrhea with purple dark menses, clear and profuse urine, pale tongue, thin and greasy coating, deep and thready pulse.
5) Syndrome of the Dysfunction of Thoroughfare Vessel and Conception Vessel
Main Symptoms :The size and pain severity of the breast mass are closely related to menstrual cycle, with pain aggravated before menstruation and relieved after menstruation, accompanied by disturbed menstruation, scanty menses, soreness and weakness in the lower back and knee, feverish sensation in the afternoon, slightly red tongue, thin coating, thready and wiry pulse.

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