Hyperplasia of Breast TCM Therapy

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How to prevent hyperplasia of breast

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1) It is believed in Western medicine that the onset and development of this disease are related to endocrine dysfunction of the human body, and irregular menstruation and emotional disturbance are the main inducing factors of this disease. Therefore, it is necessary for the women to maintain a happy mood. The prompt treatment of irregular menstruation is of key importance for prevention and treatment of this disease. In addition, it is necessary to have a bland diet, avoid spicy and irritating foods, reduce intake of high-fat diet and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. It is more necessary for young women to check the breasts by themselves in order to find the focus in time for prompt treatment. For the patients with a family history of breast cancer, it is necessary to give them advice to dispel spiritual burden. For the patients who is not cured for a long time or whose mass becomes tougher progressively, complicated with lymphadenectasis in the armpit of the sick side during the treatment, it is necessary to consider surgery and apply the pathological section for biopsy in order to exclude canceration.

2) Keep the breast clean and wash it with the warm water; pay attention to the change of the lump in breast. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Mastitis.

3) Often eat the kelp which can eliminate the pain and shrink the lump; eat more food which can promote qi and dispel the stagnation such as the orange, candied tangerine fruit, oyster, etc. 

4) The attack of this disease is closely related to the mood; so, people should pay more time in listening to the music, keep a habit of growing flowers and raising the goldfish and so on.

5) Keep a good mood and avoid angry; have a regular sleeping and live in a quiet and clean environment with fresh air.

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