Swelling of Legs and Feet TCM Therapy

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Folk recipes for swelling of legs and feet

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(1) 9g Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae (Baizhu), 15g Poria (Fuling), 9g fried Coix, 5g reddish orange, 6g fried waxgourd seed, 5g fried Chrysomyiae Larva, 5g fried medicated leaven, 6g Semen Plantaginis, 2g old ginger peel. Indication: Swelling in the face, head and feet, abdominal distention due to spleen insufficiency. Process: Decoct them in the water for eating. Add 3g cortex cinnamomi for soft-superficial and slow pulse. Add 5g fructus amomi shell for abdominal distention. Add 6g Radix Ophiopogonis if the tongue is red.

(2) 150g peanut, 150g black soya bean, 150 chinese-date, 350g wax gourd (with peel), 250g malt sugar. Decoct all the ingredients in the water for 2 hours, three times a day, one dose for two days, take both decoction and dregs.

(3) Decoct 30g peach blossom for eating. It’s indicated for mycetoma caused by various reasons. 

(4) Right amount of Chinese-date, Phaseolus Anagularis and little amount of longan. Boil them over a slow fire into a soup, season it with right amount of white sugar before eating, and continuously take for one week. It’s indicated for mycetoma caused by various reasons. 

(5) Stew Hen with Chervil (Shanluobo Bao Muji): Chervil is produce in the field, which is a long red tuber. Generally eat twice a day. This is a folk recipe.

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