Swelling of Legs and Feet TCM Therapy

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Food for swelling of legs and feet

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1) Stew Carp with Phaseolus Anagularis (Chidou Dun Liyu)
Phaseolus Anagularis, 90g
Carp (get rid of viscera), 1
Water, rice vinegar and peanut oil, right amount
PROCESS  Stew carp with Phaseolus Anagularis until it is well-done, add rice vinegar and peanut oil, then boil for one hour, the carp can be eaten and the soup can be drunk. This recipe has long enjoyed a good reputation in folk and has the effect of treating edema and tonifying spleen and stomach.

2) Astragalus Mongholicus and Pork Tripe Gruel (Beiqi Zhudu Zhou)
Radix Astragali (Huangqi), 80g
Rice, right amount
Pork tripe, right amount
PROCESS:  Decoct Astragalus Mongholicus for one hour, then get rid of the dregs, boil rice in the decoction, add pork tripe and salt for eating. Astragalus Mongholicus and pork tripe has the effect of promoting urination.

4) Drink of Semen Euryales, Tomato, Honey and Chinese-date (Qianshi Fanqie Fengmi Dazao Yin)
Semen Euryales, 10g
Tomato, 30g
Honey, right amount
Chinese-date (Fructus Ziziphi Jujubae) denucleate, 6
PROCESS:  Stew the Semen Euryales and Chinese-date until they are well-done, then grind them into a mash, smash the tomato into juice, then mix with honey evenly for taking, applicable for long-term taking. This recipe can nourish yin and tonify liver and muscle, relieve fatigue, promote physical recovery and relieve mental tension.

5) Ginseng, Chinese-date, Astragalus Mongholicus and Rhizoma Polygonati Gruel (Shen Zao Qi Jing zhou)
Radix Ginseng (Renshen), 3g
Radix Astragali (Huangqi), 10g
Rhizoma Polygonati (Huangjing), 5g
Chinese-date (Fructus Ziziphi Jujubae) denucleate, 5
Polished round-grained rice, 100g
PROCESS:  Decoct the first three ingredients with right amount of water in an earthenware pot, get rid of the dregs and take the decoction, add the polished round-grained rice and Chinese-date into the decoction, if the decoction is not enough, add little amount of water, boil them into gruel, season it with brown sugar before eating, continuously take for more than 15 days. This recipe has the effect of strengthening healthy energy and boosting qi.

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