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Definition of swelling of legs and feet

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definition of swelling of legs and feetThe reason for the swelling of legs and feet in travel mainly because legs and feet are in a lower position, plus the pull of the earth influence, the venous blood backflow impeded. As a result, blood deposits in the venous, makes the blood vessels of the legs and feet under the increasing pressure. In addition, capillary expanded the water in the blood vessel wall through process into the blood vessels of the skin and subcutaneous water savings then bring about the swelling legs and feet. In addition, the human body keeps erect state in a long time, makes physical quantity of the eve of the discharge aldosterone. This kind of hormone can adjust water and salt's metabolism making the kidneys of salt and water the catching abate, causes quantity of the eve of the salt and water in the physical in retention, makes the legs and feet edema heavier.
No matter in what vehicles, sitting, standing and walking, with time go by, the legs and feet will swell up. In medical area, the swelled legs and feet cause by tourism causes are called " swelled legs and feet due to travel".
The reason for feet swelled is very complex. We have these following several reasons: (1) Excessive fatigue causes blood cannot return to the legs, it will fade after a break. (2) Because of the legs obesity can lead to excessive legs (3) Seasonal leg swelled, this does not link with heath state. (4) Heart function decline. (5) Pelvic tumor compression in the leg vein. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Edema.
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