Swelling of Legs and Feet TCM Therapy

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Symptoms of swelling of legs and feet

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(1) Liver Depression and Qi Stagnation, Blood Stasis and Water Stop: Swelling in the face and lower limbs, it is hollow when press it, distention and edema, more urination at night and less by daylight, choking sensation in chest, abdominal distention, distending pain in hypochondrium, dry mouth and greasy month, irritability, dizziness, sigh frequently, pale and dark tongue with thin and white coating or thin and yellow coating, deep and thready or taut pulse. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Edema.

(2) Spleen and Kidney Deficiency, Water–damp Congestion: Swelling in the face and lower limbs, distention and even edema, more urination at night and less by daylight, repeated outbreak, aggravate after overwork or in the afternoon, sallow complexion or pale complexion, abdominal distention, poor appetite, loose stool, soreness and weakness of the waist and knee, fatigue. Patients with yang deficiency, manifested as aversion to cold, cold limbs, nocturnal polyuria. Patients with cardiopulmonary or heart-qi deficiency, manifested as choking sensation in chest, short breath, palpitation, pale and fat tongue with white and greasy coating, deep and taut or slippery and weak pulse.

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