Swelling of Legs and Feet TCM Therapy

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Preventing swelling of legs and feet

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(1) Pay attention to the changes of posture when travelling. Stand or walk or lie down for a while after sitting for a period of time, at the same time, raise both legs. When taking car or boat for a long time, people should raise both legs to facilitate the vein blood of feet backflow.

(2) Arrange travel time and place reasonably and pay attention to alternate work and rest. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Edema.

(3) In a long time shopping or mountain-climbing, people have better to tie appropriate puttee or twine the shanks with woven belt and fix with pins.

(4) Soak both feet into hot water after travelling everyday, in order to dilate the blood vessels of the feet so as to facilitate blood backflow. 

(5) If onset of tourist swollen feet, patients should lie on the back to rest for 1-2 days, raise both legs higher than the position of heart to let the blood backflow. It can recover after 1-2 days. If the swollen feet is not be relieved, patients should go to the hospital timely for treatment.

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