Swelling of Legs and Feet TCM Therapy

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Exercise for swelling of legs and feet

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(1) Forest therapy: often go on vacation in forest, garden or green areas. The aromas are perfumed from trees and flowers, the fresh air with oxygen and anion, and the attractive scenery, which can prevent and treat fatigue, hypertension, tracheitis, etc. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Edema.

(2) Stepping on stone therapy: jogging, walking, dancing and rope skipping on boulder road with bare feet, which can massage and stimulate many meridians and collateral on the soles to prevent and treat many viscera diseases connected with kidney, stomach and intestine, liver and gall, bladder and so on, and reduce blood pressure, refresh the spirit and strengthen physical health.

(3) Crawling therapy: Practice crawling at home for 5-10 minutes, 3 times a day. It can promote blood circulation, let the body weight distribute to the limbs, reduce the burden of the lumbar spine, treat arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, lumbar diseases, hemorrhoids and so on.

(4) Headstand therapy: Close to the wall and practice the exercise of letting head down and the legs up, to improve blood circulation, strengthen internal organs function, change muscle tension and relaxed state in the long time standing, prevent splanchnoptosis, cerebral circulation insufficiency, soreness of waist, swollen feet, haemorrhoids, etc.

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