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Definition of leukorrheal diseases in TCM

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definition of leukorrheal diseases in tcmLeukorrhea, vaginal discharge composed of mucous exudate and secreta of uterine cervical gland and endometrium, contains vaginal exfoliated cells, white blood cells and some non-pathogenic bacteria. Normally the texture and quantity of leukorrhage vary in accordance with the menstrual cycle. When menstruation has cleared, vaginal discharge is scanty, whitish and pasty. During ovulation, leukorrhea increases, appearing transparent and sticky like the egg white. Two or three days after ovulation, vaginal discharge appears turbid, sticky and scanty. Leukorrhea increases before and after menstruation. The abnormal change of leukorrhea in color, texture and volume is called leukorrhea disease in TCM, including profuse and scanty menstruation as well as multi-colored menstruation, reddish-whitish menstruation, gonorrhea and leukorrhagia.

(1) Leukorrhagia refers to profuse vaginal discharge with abnormal changes of color, texture and odor. Clinically white leukorrhea, yellow leukorrhea and multi:colored leukorrhea are frequently encountered. The incidence of this disease is high. It is usually due to various inflammation of the reproductive organs. But sometimes leukorrhagia occurs without inflammation, such as leukorrhagia seen in submucosal myoma of uterus and cervical cancer.

(2) Scanty leukorrhea means that the fluid discharged from the vagina is too little to lubricate the vagina, usually seen in the late stage of menstruation and ovulatory period. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Leukorrhagia.

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