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How to prevent leukorrheal diseases

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(1) Form a good hygiene habit in the daily life, keep local clean and change brief frequently. Often scald the brief, basin and towel.

(2) Forbid swimming during menstruation to avoid germs infection.

(3) Separate the bathroom facilities. Patients with athlete's foot should separate the cloth of washing feet from cloth of washing perineum. Advocate shower bath, squatting toilet to avoid cross infection.

(4) The living condition should prevent moisture and keep dry and clean.

(5) Have an enough rest, and avoid overwork. Keep a good mood and avoid feculent sexual intercourse.

(6) Have a bland diet, and eat more vegetables, lean meat and other protein-rich and vitamin-rich foods.

(7) Old people should eat more black sesame, walnut, dried longan pulp and mulberry.

(8) Avoid row, cold, spicy, greasy and fried foods. Learn more about Leukorrheal Diseases, please read Leukorrheal Diseases Tablets.

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