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Dietary therapy for leukorrheal diseases

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1) Leukorrhagia due to spleen deficiency: It’s caused by improper diet, over-fatigue, excessive thought.
Main symptoms: profuse, whitish or light yellow leucorrhea with sticky texture and without odor.
Diet recipe: Ginkgo and Egg.
Ingredients: 4 grain of ginkgo pulp, 1 egg.
Process: Remove the ginkgo’s peel and kernel, beat a small hole on the egg, then put ginkgo pulp into the egg, stick the hole with wet paper, boil the egg for eating. Eat a egg before getting up in the morning, continuously take for 5-10 days. Patients with prolong course of disease should take for 20 days. 

2) Leukorrhagia due to damp heat: It’s caused by infection of menstruation, postpartum or operation.
Main symptoms: profuse, yellowish leucorrhea with sticky texture and odor, or like bean dregs with odor, pudendal pruritus, frequent micturition and odynuria.
Diet recipe: Semen Plantaginis (Cheqianzi) with Small Pork Tripe (Cheqiancao Dun Zhuxiaodu)
Ingredient: 60-90g fresh Semen Plantaginis (Cheqianzi) (or 20-30g dry Plantago Asiatica), 2 small pork tripe (about 200g).
Process: Wash them clean and cut small pork tripe into small cubes, add water and right amount of salt to stew for half an hour. The small pork tripe can be eaten and the soup can be drunk. Once a day, continuously take for several days.

3) Leukorrhagia due to heat toxin: Patients with this disease should go to hospital for treatment in time, coordinate with clearing heat and detoxicating diet, and drink a plenty of water.
Main symptoms: Whitish leucorrhea or like purulent liquid, rancidness with bad smell, pain in lower abdomen, fever and difficult to defervescence, yellow urine and constipation.
Diet recipe: Dioscoreae Hypoglaucae Root, Honey Suckle Flower and Mung Bean Gruel.
Ingredients: 30g Rhizoma Dioscoreae (Shanyao) Root, 30g Honey Suckle Flower, 30-60g mung bean.
Process: Wash Rhizoma Dioscoreae (Shanyao) Root and Honey Suckle Flower clean and decoct in the water, take the decoction and boil with mung bean into gruel, season it with right amount of white sugar before eating, once a day, continuously take for 3-5 days.

4) Leukorrhagia due to kidney deficiency: It’s caused by congenital kidney-qi deficiency, hemorrhage due to impairment of yin, excessive sexual activity. It can be divided into kidney-yang deficiency and kidney-yin deficiency.
Main symptoms: thin and profuse leucorrhea, soreness of waist and cold limbs.
Diet recipe: Eat more Honey Extract of Rosa Laevigata for kidney-yang deficiency.
Ingredients: 200g Rosa Laevigata, 200g honey.
Process: Denucleate the Rosa Laevigata and wash clean, boil in the water twice, then combine two decoction to boil until it becomes sticky and thick extract, add honey to boil until it is boiling, infuse 10-15g of the extract with boiling water, twice a day.

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