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How TCM diagnoses leukorrheal diseases

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(1) Profuse leukorrhea appears whitish or lightyellow, or multi-colored, or yellowish and bluish like pus, or turbid like rice swill; the texture of leukorrhea appears thin like water, or sticky and thick like pus, or like bean dregs and coagulated milk, or frothy; the leukorrhea appears odorless, or foul or stinky; the accompanied symptoms are vulva or vaginal pruritus, prolapsing sensation or pain.

(2) Gynecological examination finds vaginitis, pelvic inflammation, cervicitis and tumor.

(3) Laboratory test may find acute or subacute pelvic inflammation and increase of white blood cells. The vaginal cleaning degree is III. Vaginoscopy may find trichomonad, fungus and other specific or non-specific pathogen.

(4) Type B-Ultrasonic examinaiton is necessary for pelvic inflammation and pelvic tumor. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Leukorrhagia.

Scanty leucorrhea:
(1) Scanty or even no leukorrhea in the late stage of menstruation and in ovulatory period, or dry sensation in the vagina, dizziness and aching sensation in the loins, chest oppression and dysphoria, sexual frigidity, delayed menstruation and scanty menorrhea.

(2) Vaginal smear or endocrine examination indicates low level of estrin.

(3) Scanty leukorrhea should be differentiated from Sheehan’s syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome and perimenopausal dryness syndrome.

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