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What are the symptoms of leukorrheal diseases

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(1) Syndrome of spleen asthenia and dampness encumbrance:
Main symptoms: Whitish or light yellow, profuse, odorless and incessant leukorrhea, nausea and anorexia, spiritual lassitude, light-colored and bulgy tongue with white and greasy coating as well as slow and weak pulse.

(2) Syndrome of kidney yin asthenia:
Main symptoms: Yellowish or yellowish and reddish leukorrhea with sticky texture and without odor, burning sensation in the vagina, feverish sensation over the palms, soles and chest, aching in the loins and tinnitus, dizziness and palpitation, red tongue with scanty coating, thin and rapid pulse.

(3) Syndrome of kidney yang asthenia:
Main symptoms: Profuse, thin, or transparent and incessant leukorrhea, aching sensation in the loins, cold sensation in the abdomen, clear and profuse urine, especially in the night, light-colored tongue with thin and white coating, deep and slow pulse. Learn more about Leukorrheal Diseases, please read Leukorrheal Diseases Tablets.

(4) Syndrome of downward migration of damp-heat:
Main symptoms: Profuse, or yellow, or yellowish and reddish leukorrhea like bean dregs or frothy leukorrhea with foul odor, burning sensation and pruritus in the vagina, scanty and brown urine, or accompanied by spasmodic pain in the abdomen, red tongue with yellow and greasy coating soft and rapid pulse.

Scanty leucorrhea:
(1) Syndrome of asthenia of the liver and kidney:
Main syrnptorns: Scanty or even no leukorrhea in the late stage of menstruation or in the ovulatory period, dry sensation in the vagina or accompanied by pudendal pruritus, dizziness and aching sensation in the loins, chest oppression and dysphoria, poor sleep in the night, red tongue with thin and yellow or scanty coating, thin and taut or rapid pulse.

(2) Syndrome of hypofunction of the spleen and stomach:
Main symptoms: Scanty or even no leukorrhea in the late stage of menstruation and ovulatory period, dry sensation in the vagina or accompanied by pudendal pruritus, poor appetite, spiritual lassitude, epigastric and abdominal distension, frequent flatus, or loose stool, lightred tongue with thin, white and greasy coating, and thin pulse.

(3) Syndrome of interior retention of blood stasis:
Main symptoms: Scanty or even no leukorrhea, abdominal pain during menstruation, with purplish and blackish color and large blood clot, lower abdominal pain, chest oppression, dysphoria, thirst with no desire to drink water, dry and squamous skin, deep-red tongue with ecchymoses on the margin, and thin and unsmooth pulse. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Leukorrhagia.

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