Acute Lumbar Sprain TCM Therapy

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Definition of acute lumbar sprain in TCM

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definition of acute lumbar sprain in tcmAcute lumbar sprain, which is also called "Shan Yao" (sudden sprain in the lumbar region), refers to acute sprain of lumbar parenchyma includes muscle, ligament, fascia, joint and facet joint. Acute lumbar sprain mostly occurs among the young adults. It mainly caused by the excessive burden on the limbs, abnormal posture, inharmonic movements, loosing one’s footing, over exertion in lifting object, unprepared movements, excessive range of movements, etc. Once the lumbar sprain attacks, the patients have spasticity in the waist immediately with difficulty in stretching out, bowing and turning about, muscle spasm and sharp pain within a wide range; the pain will be worse due to cough or sneeze; besides, some patients cannot walk; some patients should walk under the support with relatives’ hand or some are even carried to the hospital for emergency treatment. X-ray examination can show the straight spinal column or protective scoliosis. Methods of massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, internal taking of Chinese medicine, etc. are taken to treat the acute lumbar sprain; which can promote the blood circulation and relieve the convulsion of lumbar muscles and the lumbar pain to recovery the lumbar function. These methods belong to the no operative treatments. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Lumbago.
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