Acute Lumbar Sprain TCM Therapy

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Dietary therapy for acute lumbar sprain

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1) Dog Bone Soup
Ingredients: 200g of dog bone (the bone of limbs is better) and moderate salt.
Process: Break the bones and cook in water for 2 hours; season with salt and serve.
Efficiency: To strengthen bones and activate collaterals, activate blood circulation to produce skin.
It is applicable to the lumbar sprain and traumatic injury. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Lumbago.

2) Cooked Cock with Vinegar
Ingredients: A cock and moderate vinegar.
Process: Remove the feather and bowels of the cock, rinse and cut it into chunks; sir-fry in the pot and add the vinegar to cook with the low fire; add moderate ginger, cooking wine, sugar, etc. when the cock is nearly done; to be taken with the rice.
Efficiency: To nourish deficiency, warm the middle energizer and reduce swelling.
It is applicable to the lumbar sprain.

3) Pigtail and Common Jasminorange Root Soup
Ingredients: A pigtail bone, common jasminorange root 30g and pawpaw 10g.
Rinse the common jasminorange root and pawpaw and chop; rinse pigtail bone and add in moderate water and a little yellow wine; cook all of them together with the low fire for 2 hours; season with salt and drink the soup; take it once a day and it is helpful to expel stasis and stop pain; it is applicable to the acute lumbar sprain with local pain caused by ecchymoma.
4) Thick Soup of Radix Notoginseng (Sanqi), Lotus Root, Egg and Tangerine Pitch
Ingredient: Radix Notoginseng (Sanqi) powder 3g, two eggs, 50ml of fresh lotus root juice, tangerine pitch 4g and little salt and lard.
Process: Add moderate water into the juice and cool till it is boiling; add the pseudo-ginseng powder and eggs and mix them up; add in the tangerine pitch, salt and oil to cook boiling for 2 minutes; to be taken in twice a day for 15 days continuously.
5) Common Rhizoma Bletillae (Baiji) Tuber, Rhizoma Nelumbinis and Flos Sophorae Drink
Ingredients: Common bletilla tuber 5g, fresh rhizoma nelumbinis 500g, brown sugar 50g, flos sophorae 3g.
Process: Decoct the fresh rhizoma nelumbinis in water for decoction; add other ingredients to cook for a while and serve; to be taken in several times and for 15 days continuously.

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