Acute Lumbar Sprain TCM Therapy

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Functional exercise for acute lumbar sprain

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1) Keep patient lying prostrate in bed, the operator places the palms on both sides of his spinal column; knead and press from up to bottom; to be taken from hip to the lower thigh and the muscle on the back of crus; after massage, push-knead the most tender part for several times and the effect can be gained.  

2) The exercise should be strengthened after the pain is relieved; which can promote blood circulation to accelerate bleeding and the absorption of staxis, prevent conglutination and muscular atrophy and strengthen the muscle force.  

3) Exercise of back extensor with a supine position

A. Hunch-up with the support on five points: take a supine position and bend the elbows and knees; hunch-up the waist with the support of head, feet and elbows (or the support of the palms);do it repeatedly.

B. Hunch-up with the support on three points: After the above exercise, people with better lumbar muscle can place the arms on the chest and hunch-up the waist with the support of head and feet; do it repeatedly. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Lumbago.

C. Hunch-up with the support on four points: On the base of the above exercises hunch-up the waist with the support of hands and feet; do it repeatedly.

4) Exercise with a prostrate position.

A. Keep a prostrate position with the arms straight closing to the body tightly; look up and keep chest out; do it repeatedly.

B. The basic posture is the same as the above one, unbend legs and raise them up; do it repeatedly.

C. Raising legs with the head looking up and the chest out ( which is also called "Fei Yan Shi"): Combine both the above basic postures, keep and abdomen touching bed and raise the head, hands, chest and the lower limbs together; do it repeatedly.

5) Convolution exercise of the waist: Stand naturally straight, feet parallel and shoulder-width apart. With arms akimbo and twist the waits in the direction of clockwise and anticlockwise alternatively; speed the twist up and increase the range gradually; do it repeatedly.

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