Acute Lumbar Sprain TCM Therapy

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How to prevent acute lumbar sprain

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1) Protect the lumbar physiological function and harmonize the movements of lumbar exercise with a right posture; try to keep the chest and waist straight and hip and knees bent when carrying heavy things; keep pressure mostly on lower limbs when getting up; step forward after standing steady; keep bend standing when lifting heavy things and try to keep the body closed to the objects; lifting excessive heavy objects should be avoided.

2) Strengthen the protection during work; people should wear protective belt when taking heavy labor work such as lifting, carrying, moving, etc. which is helpful to stabilize the lumbar spinal column and increase the abdominal pressure and the efficiency of muscles. People should take hot bath to expel cold-dampness and fatigue when working in a cold and wet environment; avoid long time of working with an enforced bowing posture.

3) Strengthen the exercise in normal times; take rest in bed with the hard board after the acute lumbar sprain for a week at least; which can relieve the muscular spasm and labor pain; for the acute lumbar sprain of ligament or joint, people should lie in bed for rest for 3-4 weeks; the pelvic traction and the supplement treatment can be taken for the severer condition. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Lumbago.

4) Take Publicity and Education among the works to let them abide to the operating instructions strictly and know the technology well; avoid and decrease the incidence rate of industrial injury. 

5) Try the best to improve the working conditions and replace the heavy work with the mechanical handling. Keep the attention concentrated when working;   when carrying the heavy things together, people should keep the same pace under the uniform command. 

6) After the attack of lumbar sprain, people should pay attention to diet; eat more food which can activate blood circulation and regulate qi such as the stalk of grain, lemon, towel gourd and sleeve. For the patients with insufferable pain, the food for activating blood circulation and removing stasis such as angelica, Paeonia veitchii Lynch, mastix, myrrh, pseudo-ginseng, goat blood and so on.

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