Acute Lumbar Sprain TCM Therapy

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Health care methods for acute lumbar sprain

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Herbal Therapy
Internal Medicine
(1) Cold-dampness
Therapeutic methods: To dispel cold and expel warm, warm and dredge collaterals.
Prescription: Modified Ganjiang Lingshu Tang 
Therapeutic methods: To clear away heat and promote dampness, relax tendons and activate collaterals.  
Prescription: Modified Simiao Powder

(2) Lumbar strain which injury the kidney-qi.
Therapeutic methods: To tonify the kidney and strength waist, regulate qi to stop pain.
Prescription: Taoren Duzhong Tang (Peach Kernel and Tu-chung Soup)
Ingredients: Safflower 9g, peach kernel 9g, notopterygium root 9g, peony 9g, stir-baked tu-chung 15g, Himalayan Teasel Root 9g, pawpaw 9g, fennel 9g and fructus psoraleae 9g.
Process: Decoct all the ingredients in water for drinking; one dose a day and to be taken in twice with the yellow wine after meals.

(3) Stagnation of qi-blood and disharmony of collateral
Prescription: Modified Jiejing Tang
Ingredients: Longleaf luckyweed flower 15-20g, sharpleaf gambirplant root 15g, the end of angelica 15g, radix salviae miltiorrhizae 20g, prepared Rumo 6-10g, rhizoma corydalis 12g, radices paeoniae alba 35g, prepared Radix Glycyrrhizae 20g, lycopodium clavatum 15g, raw Ephdra sinica Stapf 3g, prepared rehmannia root 18g, safflower 3g, teasel 12g, rhizoma cyperi 10g.
Process: Decoct all the ingredients in water for drinking; one dose a day and to be taken in twice.

External Medicine
1) Bake some fresh sliced ginger hot and then apply it on the effected area, which with the effect of relieving pain.

2) Put the hot salt or sand into a cloth bag and apply it on the effected area; take it twice in the morning and night and each time for half an hour.

3) Get 20g of fresh Radix Rehmanniae Recens and lees respectively and pound them into paste; then put into the bowl or basin to cook in water till it is hot; apply it on the effected area and fix it with the bandage or a piece of cloth; take it once a day; it is applicable to activate blood pressure to remove stasis, eliminate swelling to stop pain, etc.

4) Get moderate raw Chinese chestnuts, peel and chew them into the paste; then apply it on the effected area and fix it with the bandage or the adhesive plaster; it is helpful to cool blood to stop bleeding, eliminate swelling to stop pain; take it once a day till the swelling is reduced. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Lumbago.

5) Get a ternip, rinse and pound it into paste; then apply it on the effected area and fix it with the bandage or a piece of cloth; remove it after 12 minutes and apply the hydropathic compress with the hot towel; take it 2-3 times a day and it is helpful to relaxing tendon, activate blood circulation, stop pain, etc.

6) Get 50-100g of scallion, rinse and pound it into paste; fry it hot and wrap with the gauze; iron it on the effected area with the help of other people; it with good effect in activating blood circulation to stop pain.

Acupoints Massage
1) Knead: The operator snuggles the right palm root up to tender point in waist to take circulating massage; the strength to be increased gradually till reaching to the deep of the parenchyma for about 5 minutes.

2) Press: On the basic of massage, the operator presses the tender point in waist with thumb till the force reaching to the deep of the parenchyma; relax the finger at the intervals when pressing, which is helpful to recovery the blood circulation to prevent from the worse of injury; this method is called " strong stimulation on the pressure point".   

3) Lift-hold the muscles in waist: Keep the thumbs and other four finger pulps folding and lift-hold the abdominal muscles vertically; to be taken from the first lumbar to the gluteus with the gradually increased strength; besides, to be taken from up to bottom and the health area to the effected area; and lift-hold mainly on the erector spinae and the most obvious tender part for about 3 minutes.

4) Push and knead the tendons: Knead-press the effected area with the palm root or the muscle of hypothenar in a half circle; to be taken from up to bottom and the health area to the effected area till a little heat is gained (about 2 minutes); then the operator standing at the right side of the patients and snuggles the palm root and up the muscle of hypothenar to the skin of waist; push-knead along the spinal column from up to bottom and the health area to the effected area; and the effected to be taken mainly; do it for 8-12 times repeatedly. Continue to read TCM Treatment Evaluation for Lumbago.

Guasha Therapy
1) Points selected: Shenshu (BL23), Zhishi (BL52), Dachangshu (BL25), Weizhong (BL 40) and Chengshan (BL57)

2) The direct scraping method is taken; apply the scraping oil (Guling Tu Fluid or Bitong Guasha Oil) on the selected area; the patients keep a sitting position and keep an angle of 45 degree between the scraping board and the ski; scrape from the cervical vertebra to the below; after the cervical vertebra is scraped, find a pressure point around the Shenshu (BL23), Zhishi (BL52) and Dachangshu (BL 25); later, scrape the Weizhong (BL 40) and Chengshan (BL57) with the angle of scraping board till the skin turns red.

Cupping Therapy
Points selected: Shenshu (BL23), Yaoyangguan (Du 3), Huantiao (GB 30), Weizhong (BL 40) and Ashi Points

1) Prick-cupping: Patients keep a sitting or prostrate position; prick Ashi vertically for qi and take several needling around it for qi; take out the needles slowly and take cupping with the vacuum jar. Keep the cup sucked in place for 15-20 minutes; take it once a day and 4 times is a course of treatment.
2) Cupping: Take cupping with the fire-flashing method on Ashi and 2-3 points around it; keep the cup sucked in place for 30 minutes till the petechia is gained; after removing the cups, massage the effected area with the palm for several minutes; the strength should be from light to heavy and then turn to light again; take it daily or every another day; taking how many courses is ok.

3) Blood-letting puncture and cupping: Firstly, push-press the Ashi with palm for a while to make the around collaterals extended; after sterilization, prick with the triangle-edged needle for 3-5 times for blood-letting of 2-5ml; then taking cupping with the fire in and keep the cup sucked in place for 10-15 minutes till the blush is gained on local skin; after removing the cups, the warm acupuncture with the medical moxa stick to be taken for 5-7 minutes; take it every another day and taking how many courses is ok .

Foot Massage
Basic Reflection Zone: Adrenal gland, spleen.
Related Reflection Zone: Lumbar, pain spot on the waist.
Symptom Reflection Zone: Liver, lymph gland on the upper body, lymph gland on the lower body.
Course of the Reflection Therapy: 10~15 times for one course of treatment, 30-40 minutes for one time, and 1-2 times a day. Take rest for 1-2days between two courses of treatment. During this period, put the feet in pale salt water to recover the sensitivity of the feet to massage.

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