Acute Lumbar Sprain TCM Therapy

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What are the symptoms of acute lumbar sprain

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1) Cold-dampness
Symptoms are: Cold and pain in the waist, difficulty in rotating the body and which is not improved when lying in bed and worse in rainy days, white and greasy coating, deep pulse.

2) Dampness-heat
Symptoms are: Pain in the waist with a heat sensation, which is worse in hot days or rainy days and relieved after movement, red urine, yellow and greasy coating, smooth and rapid pulse.

3) Lumbar injury which hurts the kidney-qi
Symptoms are: Pain in the waist with a sore and weak sensation, which is improved by pressing and kneading, weak in the feet and knee which is worse after work and relieved when lying in bed, pale complexion, vexation in heart, dry mouth, preferring to warm, aversion to cold, cold hands and feet which attacks repeatedly, deep and thready or thready and rapid pulse.

4) Blockage of qi-blood and obstruction of lumbar collaterals
Symptoms are: There is severe pain in waist after sudden rubbing or heavy burden; convulsion of lumber muscles, the waist with difficulty in stretching out, bowing and turning about, dark red tongue or with spot on it, thin coating, wiry and tight pulse.  Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Lumbago.

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