Acute Lumbar Sprain TCM Therapy

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How TCM diagnoses acute lumbar sprain

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1) There is a history of lumbar sprain which is common among the young adults.

2) There is severe pain on one side or both sides of the waist and the limitation of lumbar movement. People cannot turn over, sit and walk; besides, they should keep some forced posture to reduce pain.

3) The convulsion of psoas and gluteus, or the strand hard object can be felt, obvious pressure point in the effected area and the physiology radian of the spinal column has been changed.

4) Lumbago is gained immediately after the trauma, which is continuous and worse when moving, cough, speaking loudly and taking force in the abdomen; besides, it cannot be eliminated after rest; sometimes, there is noise in the abdomen or the sudden parting sensation. Continue to read Chinese medicine Treatment for Lumbago.

5) Ankylosis in waist, with difficulty in moving and turning about; intensity in the erector spinae or gluteus maximus, lateral curvature of the spinal column.

6) There is pressure point in the effected area, the erector spinae on both sides of the crest, which is mostly the injury of muscles or fascia; there is the pressure point in the deeper area on both sides of the crest, which is mostly the injury of small joint between the acantha; there is the pressure point in the joint of sacrum and ilium, which is mostly the injury of he joint of sacrum and ilium.

7) There is no radiating pain in the lower limbs; parts of the patients have the referred pain in the lower limbs; positive result is gained for the examination of raising the legs straightly however the negative result is gained for the strengthening examination; ethocaine blocking out can be taken on local tender point when the discriminating is hardly done; it is the referred pain if the tender point is relieved or disappeared; or it is the radiating pain of the nerve root if the pain in legs has not been improved.

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