Method of Dispersing Stagnated Liver Qi
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This is a treatment method to alleviate depression of the liver or to remove stagnancy of liver qi by using drugs for relieving stagnation of liver qi to regulate qi's activity so that the eyesight can be improved. The method is applicable to all internal and external oculopathy caused by stagnation of liver qi and disorder of qi's circulation. It can be used to treat ocular diseases, no matter whether it is internal or external, so long as it manifests the symptoms of distention of hypochondrium, eructation, chest oppression, irritability, throat-congestion feeling, irregular menstruation of women patients, and a thready pulse and so on. In the cases with stagnant liver causing pathogenic fire, the fire-removing drugs are properly added to remove stagnancy of liver qi. In the cases with stagnant liver plus asthenia of qi and blood, the drugs for tonifying blood and strengthening spleen are used in cooperation with the method.

method of dispersing stagnated liver qi

Since drugs for regulating qi are often pungent in flavour and dryness in property, the method should be applied cautiously to patients with yin asthenia and attention should be paid to the compatibility of drugs.

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