Method of Nourishing Qi and Blood
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The method is used to treat cases due to deficiency of qi and blood with tonic prescriptions to improve eyesight and is applicable to ophthalmopathy as a result of qi and blood asthenia caused by various reasons. In clinic, it is often used to treat chronic internal and external ocular diseases manifesting the general syndrome of deficient qi and blood as well as such common symptoms as sleepy eyes, distention of eye after long visual work, prolonged corneal nebula, gradual dimness of vision and so on.

The spleen and stomach are the acquired foundation of life and the transformation source of qi and blood. When spleen qi is in good order, qi and blood can be constantly transformed and conducted to the eyes. In the tonic treatment method, therefore, attention should also be paid to the regulation of spleen and stomach. In the cases with asthenia and sthenia mingled, purging and tonifying methods can be simultaneously used, or first the purging one, then the tonifying one, or vice versa. 

Since Qi and blood depend on each other, they should be tonified simultaneously.  However, since their deficient extent is always different, particular emphasis in treatment should be paid. For patients with a tendency of qi deficiency and the symptoms of sleepy eyes, a pale tongue and weak pulse, emphasis should be put on tonifying qi. Otherwise, for patients with blood more deficient showing dizziness, poor vision, dreaminess, vexation, insomnia, a pale tongue and thready pulse, empbasis should be put on nourishing blood.

method of nourishing qi and blood

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