Method of Eliminating Dampness
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This is a method for the treatment of oculopathy caused by pathogenic damp with drugs for eliminating dampness and is applicable to all ocular diseases due to external invasion of pathogenic damp or internal accumulation of dampness, manifesting such common symptoms as moist ulcer of palpebral margin, severe swelling of eyelid, eczema papulosum or membranous formation in eyelid, yellow turbid bulbar conjunctiva, massive mucopurulent eye secretion, insect-biting corneal nebula, turbidity of aqueous humor, blurred vision, and the general accompanying symptoms and signs of severe heaviness of the head, no thirst or thirst without desire for drinking and weakness of four limbs, poor appetite, abdominal distention, loose stool and greasy tongue coating.

method of eliminating dampness

As ophthalmopathy of damp type is obstinate and the long time's application of damp-relieving drugs may easily consume body fluids, the drug prescribed in the treatment must be cautiously selected with the consideration of how serious the patient is and what kind of constitutional conditions he has, and special attention should be paid to the cases due to asthenia of yin and blood and to deficiency of body fluids.


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