Method of Promoting Blood Circulation to Remove Blood Stasis
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This is a treatment method by using blood-activating and stasis-eliminating drugs to improve blood circulation and remove accumulation of ocular blood stasis. The method is applicable to the ocular diseases caused by obstruction and sluggishness of blood circulation or by accumulation of blood stasis and is also used to treat eye injuries, manifesting such common symptoms as livid hard swelling of eyelid, hemorrhagic hyperemia of bulbar conjunctiva, bleeding of bulbar conjunctiva, blood stasis of every part of eye, obstruction of retinal vessels, fixed pain of eye with tenderness, and ecchymosis on the tongue.

In addition, the method should be properly applied in the treatment of ocular disorders with blood stasis due to other causes in the course of the pathogenic development.

Qi promotes blood circulation, so normal blood circulation depends on qi's activity. Drugs for promoting qi's circulation to remove stagnancy is compatibly used in clinic to increase curative effects.

The method should not be applied for a long time in case the healthy qi be consumed. In the cases with blood stasis of eye and asthenia of qi, it should be cooperated with drugs for nourishing qi. Patients with asthenia of qi and blood as well as pregnant women contraindicate the method.

method of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis

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