Method of Relieving Nebula to Improve the Eyesight
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This is a unique ophthalmic method to treat corneal nebula with nebula-relieving drugs so that the vision can be improved. The method is applicable to corneal nebula.

The clinical application of the method should be classified into different stages.  For corneal disorders at the beginning which are usually caused by exopathic wind and heat and manifest dispersing stellate nebula, redness and lacrimation, the treatment principle is to dispel wind and remove heat compatibly with some nebula-relieving drugs. When pathogenic wind-heat is being relieved, the treatment should gradually turn to relieving nebula to improve the vision. In the late course of the disease, when the pathogenic factor is removed but the healthy qi is weak and the corneal nebula is remained, consideration must be given to strengthening healthy qi by properly adding some tonic drugs to invigorate qi, blood, liver and kidney according to the patient's condition.

method of relieving nebula to improve the eyesight

Because the black part of eye (cornea) is related with liver, the treatment method should certainly include the function of removing liver heat and calming liver. Owing to their nebula-removing action, liver-calming drugs can be compatibly used.

For the corneal nebula at the late stage, the treatment should mainly remove the nebula with drugs not too cold and cool in property to avoid having qi and blood stagnated and pathogenic factors retentively accumulated. Otherwise it may be difficult to cure the disease. If, in a long course, the nebula becomes an old one or cataract, it is impossible to cure with drugs. Therefore, time is very important in the treatment of corneal nebula with drugs based on the syndrome differentiation.
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